Children Love La Finca

//Children Love La Finca

Children Love La Finca

Every evening Maeve and Matilda collected eggs from the chickens and Chris carefully wrote their name on one of the eggs then next morning boiled it for their breakfast … Matilda (Tillie – aged 3) from Sydney was thrilled

eggMatilda and her older sister Maeve loved the huge Bear in La Conca’s Exploding Art Exhibition in Salobrena

On their last day the Nathwami family went to Granada and Matilda chose a red and white polka dot flamenco dress. She was so thrilled with it she would not take it off. She slept in it and early the next morning left us in it for their onward flight to Minorca.

Scarlett was emptying the washing machine after they left and found a quantity of coloured felt balls. These came from Tillie’s stunning little net and satin ballet style skirt . We do miss Maeve and Matilda – they were great company!

Henry 7 has helped Chris every evening to collect the eggs, feed and walk the dogs and Chris has taught him how to find sticks and make spears out of them…..mmmm we are not sure who the child is here!

Henry is very particular about what he eats so we have talked to him and found out what he likes and we make something especially for him for dinner

At the moment we have 5 children between the ages of 7 and 16 staying. Every evening after dinner they get together on the main terrace and have organised themselves into teams to play board games while their parents swop stories at the dining table with a last bottle of wine before bed.



Collecting eggs before breakfast.

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