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Ecology at La Finca

The principles of Permaculture (see next page) are what drive La Finca. Permaculture is about designing ecological human habitats and food production systems. It is about creating the harmonious integration of human dwellings, microclimate, annual and perennial plants, animals, soils, and water into stable, productive communities.

The focus is not on these elements themselves, but rather on the relationships created among them by the way we place them in the landscape.

The Permaculture Cycle


The principles of permaculture include:

  • Sustainable land uses strategies without waste and pollution
  • Established systems for healthy food production and maybe some surplus
  • Restoration of degraded landscapes, resulting in conservation of endemic species – especially rare and endangered species.
  • Integration and harmony of all living things on the property – all things live in an atmosphere of co-operation or interact in natural cycles
  • No use of pollutant chemicals
  • Minimal consumption of energy

This means that:

  • Products and services used by our business need to be as local as possible
  • Waste products resulting from the habitation and production processes of the business on the land must be recycled wherever possible.

Power is generated at La Finch using solar and biodiesel.  Heat and hot water come from two boilers burning olive pips.

All waste-water from the house passes through several different filters and is purified without the use of chemicals and once cleaned is used to irrigate the formal gardens below the house.

The house has no baths in order to minimise the amount of water used.  Clothes are washed in the latest technology washing machine using vapour.

Everything possible is recycled or composted.

La Finca Del Castillo Arabe fruit and vegetables are certified Organic.

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Our happy hens’ eggs – triple and double yolks