Letting Go – A Personal Insight

//Letting Go – A Personal Insight

Letting Go – A Personal Insight

Today I watched the Ted video of Amanda Palmer of the Grand Theft Orchestra for the umpteenth time. It is so inspiring. It is about trusting and letting go and the amazing spiritual and physical rewards that can come from doing this.

It reminded me of our own situation here at La Finca Del Castillo Arabe. Out in the sticks of rural Spain where we receive guests into what is also our home and all we have.  We welcome people whom we have never met or heard of before – to stay and live and benefit from the tranquility of this place for a while.

Apart from four notable exceptions – notable because there have been only four – we have welcomed over 1000 people here since we opened in 2011.  Every one of them has shared their story with us, every one was fascinating, every one was appreciative of the beauty of their surroundings and for the care we have given them. We trust them.

This project was the most stressful I have ever undertaken on so many levels:  Getting the planning permissions and building the house, in a foreign country, culture, systems and language was simply horrendous!

But characteristically I knew that having started I had to finish – and I pushed and pushed that enormous rock up the mountain – at no time taking a break to enjoy the journey, at no time trusting and letting it happen.

The stress took its toll, when everything was finished I was ill and depressed. The back pain I managed for 20 years became critical and I had 3 neurosurgical operations on my spine. But being forced to stop meant I was able to reflect and appreciate our achievement and massive good fortune to live in La Finca.  I had time to listen to my heart, my mind and my body ….and to the universe.  For the first time I let go and trusted.

And now it is time to move on …to other challenges and a new stage in our lives. I am letting go – and am trusting that our move will happen when the time is right for both of us and for La Finca – and look forward with excitement to that day.  In the meantime life is good!  Que será será.


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